Telesis Enhanced Components v2.2 / v3.0

What are the Enhanced Components?

In brief: The components are mostly based around a special derivation of the VCL TCustomEdit control that provides greatly extended mask processing, embedded button and glyph capabilities and various other useful features. The collection derives various controls from the powerful new base control to provide a very useful combobox (not based on the Windows API), datetime input and some others. The collection provides both standard and IBO-aware variations of most of the controls.

Non-data-aware components. These components can be installed and used even without IBObjects.


IBObjects-aware variations of the above components (plus checkbox/checklistbox for use as bit set/test of a database integer field). IBObjects must be installed before you can install and use these components.


If you have already been using version 1.x (originally distributed from the IBO website as "EnhComponents") you should read the notes below.


This product was previously distributed under a "trustware" licence. I have decided to release the source code under a form of freeware licence. The freeware licence says you can use the source code without paying any fees, even for commercial applications and libraries. The ownership (copyright) of the source code remains with Telesis Computing Pty Ltd. The full licence details are available in the source code, you must read and accept the licence conditions before using the product.

Recent Release Notes...

3.0.1 (9-Feb-2012): Experimental release intended for Delphi 2009 and later, and IBOv4 and IBOv5, adjust the few provided packages to your own installation.

2.2.5 (31-Jul-2011): Released accumulated fixes, mostly minor.

2.2.2 (26-Oct-2007): Released accumulated fixes, mostly minor. Includes package source for Delphi 2007.

2.2.1 (19-Aug-2006): Released a collection of accumulated fixes, mostly minor although changes to DateTimeEnh are significant so test carefully.

2.2.0 (09-Jul-2004): Released source as freeware. Some support for XP Themes.

2.1.5 (31-May-2003): Package updates to try and synchronise with IBO package changes (removal of libsuffix for Delphi 6 and 7).

Enh v2: Please read the Enh2.rtf document in the zip for more details.

Enh v3: Please read the __readme__.txt document in the zip for more details.


  • Enh v2.2.05 (31-Jul-2011)
           - For use with IBObjects v4.2.I or later
           - Full source zip (500kb)
           - Includes help file
           - Includes package files for Delphi 4, 5, 6, 7, 2007 and CBuilder 4, 5 and 6
           - Email if you have questions.

  • Enh v3.0.01 (09-Feb-2012) - Experimental
           - For use with IBObjects v4.9 or later
           - Full source zip (300kb)
           - No help file included.
           - Base package files only, adjust to suit your own installation.
           - Email if you have questions.

  • Upgrading from EnhComponents v1.0...

    The units have all changed their names (from Custom*Enh to Telesis_*Enh). This means that any forms that used components from the version 1 package will need updating. Either you can edit the "uses" clause OR with the form interface you can simply delete most of the "uses" entries and let Delphi automatically re-add.

    Don't install the help file into Delphi while still using the IBO3 help file (as there will be conflicts with the EditEnh details).

    Future Development...

    I am not certain what future development is likely to occur to these components. It largely depends on what applications I get asked to write and whether such applications will require additional functionality. I am happy to consider any thoughts, ideas or contributions that you may have.

    Last Changed: 25-July-2015
    (c) Copyright 2015 Telesis Computing Pty Ltd